Postcard of Connemara
Description:A postcard of Connemara. Connemara is in Galway county. Kylemore Abbey is in the centre of the photograph. It is on the edge of Kylemore Lake. There are four other scenes. Top left, there is a photograph of a river and a waterfall just outside Clifden town. There is a bridge across the river. There is a road on the left of the river, and there is a car travelling along this road. This road forms a T junction with the road that crosses the river at the bridge. There is a road sign at the bridge. There are a number of electricity poles in the picture. There are houses, trees, and a school, in the picture, and there are mountains in the background. Top right, there is a photograph of road beside Killary Harbour. The photograph was taken in Leenane. There is a stone wall on the harbour side of the road. There are houses and trees in the picture, and there are mountains in the distance. Bottom right, there is a picture of Clifden Town. There are two churches, in the photograph. Both have steeples. There are a few clumps of trees, in the picture, and the mountains can be seen in the background. Bottom left, there is a picture of Ballynahinch Castle. It is at the foot of a mountain known as Ben Lettery. There are trees on each side of the castle.