Main Street in Headford
Description:A photograph of Main Street in Headford (a town in Galway). There are several cars in the picture. The registration number of two of the cars are 'ZH 57' and 'IZ 4870'. On the left, there is a woman walking towards the camera. She is wearing a headscarf. There is a boy on a tricycle behind her. There is a bicycle near this boy. It is leaning against a building. On the right, there are two men in conversation. There is a second bicycle parked against a building, beyond them. There are electricity poles on each side of the street. The first building on the left has the word "Donleavy's" over its door. It has a sign which says "Guinness sold here". Higher up on the building, there is a sign which reads "Bar & Café". Further down the street, there is a second public house. The words "McCormack's Bar" is over its door. There is a sign which reads "Lounge McCormack's Bar" attached to the side of the pub. There is a petrol pump in front of this building, and it supplies Mex petrol. There is a seat near the pump. The first building on the right has the word "Reynolds'" over its door.