Mainguard Street
Description:A photograph of Mainguard Street in Galway city. There are several men and women on the street, including one woman with a bicycle. There is a car parked on the street. Its registration number is 'IM 8806'. There is a large electricity pole on the right, and there is a street light attached to this pole. The first shop on the left has the names "Brennan & O'Dea" over its shop front. It has fruit on display in the window, and is advertising three brands of cigarette. The brands are Afton Cigarettes; Will's Gold Flake; and Pure Virginia. The word "Hoare's" is written over the next shop front. It is advertising "Player's Please" (a brand of cigarette). The next shop is that of a chemists. "Commins MPSI" appears over its door. Further up, there is a clothes shop. The name 'Ryan' appears over its door. A sign with the phrase "High Class Vogue" appears next. Further on, there are shops with large canopies over the shop front. High up on the wall, there is a sign which reads, "Hercules' Cycles". There is a bus stop in front of these shops. The next building has the phrase "Connaught Buildings" on its wall. There is a second pharmacy near this building. The first building on the right is a public house, and it has the name "Michael J. Brennan" over its door. The next shop has the name 'Gilligan' over its door. It has two advertisements for 'Gold Flake'
Copyright:a brand of cigarette. The next shop has a sign over its door that begins with the word "Martins". High up on its wall, the words "Souvenirs, Gifts, Fancy Goods" are written. Further up the street, there is another shop which is advertising 'Gold Flake' cigarettes. This street joins another street. There are three buildings on this second street. The building on the right is "Griffin's Bakery". The message on the next building reads "Esker Irish Selection". Taaffe's Bar is the third building.