Shop Street in Galway
Description:A photograph of Shop Street in Galway. There is a large number of pedestrians on the street. Nearly all are wearing hats. The women are wearing long dresses. There is a woman on the right who is wearing a shawl, and she is holding a small child by the hand. There is a policeman on the right, walking towards the camera. There is a team of two horses pulling a tram down the middle of the street. There are people sitting on top of the tram. There is a horse and trap going in the opposite direction. A trap is a type of carriage. There is a third horse hitched to a carriage or wagon on the right. There is a large wicker basket on the right hand side of the street. Further up, there are boxes stacked one on top of the other. The word "Hardiman's" appears on the wall of a building near these boxes. There is an archway on the extreme right of the picture. The photograph was taken around 1925.