Lynch's Castle and William Street
Description:A photograph of Lynch's Castle and William Street. The castle is on the left. It is now a bank, but was once the home to the most powerful family in Galway. The words, "Munster and Leinster Bank Ltd" can be seen over one of its two arched doorways. The word "Grealy's" can be seen over a shop front further up the street, and, just around the corner from it, the words "Medical Centre" can be seen over a shop front. On the right, the name 'Lipton' can be seen over a door. The word "Gleeson's" can be seen over the shop front above it. There is an electricity pole in front of this shop, and there is a street light attached to this pole. Beyond this, there is a shop with the words "The Four Corners" over its door. The word 'tobacconists' is also above this door, but higher up. The name 'P. Powell' can be seen on the right. At the top of the street, Dillon jewellers is visible. There are several men and women on the street. Some of the men are wearing hats. One man is wearing a cap. Another woman is wearing a headscarf, and she has a dog with her. There is a truck on the left, and there is a policeman beside this truck. There are several cars in the picture, and there is a man cycling a bicycle towards the camera.