Spanish Arch
Description:A photograph of the Spanish Arch. This is a part of the medieval wall of Galway City. It consists of two arches. There is a wooden door across one arch. There is a large tree behind the structure, and there is a two storey house adjoining the arch on the left hand side. It has a double door, and there are pillars on each side of this door. There are two potted plants and a small van in front of this house. The River Corrib is on the right of the picture. There are two electricity poles on the near bank of the river, and there is a street light attached to one of these poles. Also on the near bank, there are small trees and seats. There are two people sitting on one seat, and there is a man walking along the river bank. He is wearing a cap. There is a pier jutting into the river, and there is a building with two dormer windows on the far bank.