Main Street in Ballinasloe
Description:A photograph of Main Street in Ballinasloe. Ballinasloe is in east Galway. In the picture, there are several people on the street, including men, women and a young boy. There are three dogs in the photograph. One man is cycling away from the camera. He is wearing a cap. There are several cars in the picture. The following registration numbers are clearly visible; 'JZ 8399'
Subject headings: 'JZ 5822' and 'ZM 1968'. There are a few bicycles in the photograph. They are either parked at the edge of a footpath or leaning against a building. The first shop on the right has the word "Cogavin's" over its door. It is advertising cigarettes. It has a sign which reads, "Enjoy Clarke's Perfect Plug". (An identical sign can be seen further down the street.) Over the window that is left of the door, the phrase, "Wines & Spirits" can be seen. Over the window, on the right, the phrase, "China Hall" is visible. The shop on the left has the name 'Corbett' over its door. Left of this, the shop has the word "Grenham's" over its door. Further down the street, there is another advertisement for cigarettes which reads, "St. Bruno Flake". The first shop on the left is a clothes shop. It has a sign on its window which reads, "Tailoring Specialists". The phrase, "Sale Now On" appears twice on the shop window. Right of this, there is a shop with the name "M. Gullane" over its door. The next shop is a hairdressing salon. It has a sign which reads, "Ladies' Hairdressing". Further down the street, there is a shop with the name, "W. Crichton" over its door. There is a shop right at the end of the street, and the name over its door is "J. Cunningham". There are several electricity poles on each side of the street, and there is a street light attached to one such pole. -Sidewalks -Automobiles -Buildings -Cigarettes -Beauty Shops -Streets -Stores and Shops -Utility Poles -Adults -Men -Women -Hats -Advertisements -Children -Tailor Shops -Bicycles and Tricycles -Street Lights
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