Square in Gort
Description:A photograph of the Square in the Galway town of Gort. There is a religious statue in the middle of the square, and it is surrounded by railings. Inside the railings, there are four shrubs in four large containers. On the right, there is a building with the words "Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd." on its wall. There is a man standing near the door of this bank. He is wearing glasses. At one end of the square, there is a building with the words "Lally's Royal Hotel" on its wall. The Name "Patrick Lally" is over its door. There are railings in front of part of the hotel, and the hotel is partly covered in ivy. The shop on the left of it has the name "O'Shaughnessy" over its door. There is a horse and cart in front of "Lally's Hotel"
Copyright:and there is a woman beside the horse. She is wearing a headscarf. There are a few cars and several electricity poles in the square.