Main Street in Loughrea
Description:A photograph of Main Street in Loughrea (a small town in Galway county). There are buildings, pavements and electricity poles on each side of the street. There are street lights attached to some of these poles. There are several cars in the picture. There is a delivery van in the foreground, and its registration number is 'IR 3257'. The name "Sean Glennon" is engraved on the truck. There are men and women in the picture. One man is holding a bicycle. He is on the street, in conversation with two other men. All three are near a truck full of crates. On the left, there is a telephone kiosk. The word 'Telefón' is written near the top of it. Telefón is the Irish word for Telephone. P & T is written near the base of it. This stands for Post and Telegraphs (the government department which ran the telephone service). There is a large arched entrance behind the kiosk. There is a post office on the right of this arch. The words "Oifig an Poist" (there is a dot over the 'P'
Subject headings:
are over its door. This is the Irish for Post Office. The name "O'Brien" is over the next shop front. There are metal containers on the footpath, outside this shop. These items are for sale. Further on, there is a sign which reads "Select Bar and Restaurant". On the right, the name 'Coady' appears over a shop front. Further on, the name 'Boland' can be seen. There is a sign which reads "The Popular Bar" attached to the front of one building. The word 'Hotel' can be seen over the porch of another building. At the end of the street, on the left, there is a petrol station selling Esso petrol., , Streets, Sidewalks, Adults, Men, Women, Stores and Shops, Trucks, Crates, Utility Poles, Street Lights, Bicycles and Tricycles, Buildings, Cities and Towns, Bars, Hotels, Glennon, Sean, Automobiles, Containers, Arches, Post Offices)