Pallas Castle
Description:A photograph of the ruin of Pallas Castle in Galway county. The photograph shows two walls of the courtyard meeting in a round tower. The walls have parapets. There is a door at the base of the tower and stone steps leading up to a second door on the tower. There are steps on each side of this door leading up to a walkway in front of the parapet. On the right of this round tower, there is a large square tower. Beyond the courtyard, there is a house. On the right of this house, there is a road, and there is a man walking along this road carrying a bucket. He is wearing a cap. On his right, there are trees, and there is a ladder leaning against the trunk of one of these trees. There are several trees in the picture. Also, on the right of the road, there is a gate surrounded by an arch. Left of the house, there is washing being dried on a clothes line. Further left, there are cattle lying in a field. The photograph was taken in 1955.