Salthill in Galway
Description:A photograph of the street in Salthill in Galway city. Salthill is a seaside resort on the north side of Galway Bay. There are electricity poles on each side of the street. There is a footpath on the left, and there is a long promenade on the right which is beside the beach. The first building on the left is an amusement arcade. Next is the 'Forster Park Hotel'. Further on, and at the same side of the street, the gable wall of the 'Grand Hotel' can be seen. There are several parked cars in the photograph, and the registration number of the first car on the right is 'ZM 32'. Just behind this car, there is a shelter on the promenade. Further on, there is a bicycle parked against the kerb of the prom. There are two women, in the distance, walking towards the camera. There is a man walking on the left of the picture, in the same direction.