Mountbellew Village
Description:A photograph of a square in the Galway town of Mountbellew. There are several cars in the square. On the left, there is a hearse. It is parked in front of what looks like a funeral home. Right of this, there is a building with the name 'Bannerton' over its door. There is a petrol pump in front of this building, and it is advertising BP and Shell (two brands of petrol). There is a donkey and cart in front of this garage. Further on, there is a woman and child walking on the footpath. There is a horse and trap (a type of carriage) past her on the left. Next there is a bridge, and there are walls on each side of the bridge. There are trees on each side of the road beyond the bridge. There is a woman crossing the bridge with a child. She is pushing a bicycle. There is a man crossing the street in front of the bridge, and there is a second man on the right of the bridge. This latter man is wearing a cap. On his right, there is a public house with the name 'Bannerton' over its door. Next to this, there is a cafe. Further right, there is a drapery with the name "Briggs" over its door. The word 'Sale' appears on each of its two windows. There are several parked bicycles in the picture, and there are several electricity poles.