Headford town
Description:A photograph of the cross roads in the middle of Headford town (a town in Galway county). There is a concrete stand surrounded by railings on the left. It is in the middle of the road. There are three cars and a truck in the photograph. The registration number of one of these cars is 'ZU 8604'. A building on the right, has the name 'Heneghan' over its door. There is a public house in the town, and the name "T. F. Varley" is over its door. There is a large weighing scales in the middle of the cross roads. In the distance, there are two people cycling on the road, and there is a wall on the left-hand side of this road. There is a cow or bull in a field on the left of this wall. There are several electricity poles in the photograph, and there are street lights attached to some of them. There are a few trees in the picture.