Main Street in Gort
Description:A photograph of Main Street, Gort. Gort is in south Galway. There are men, women and at least one child in the picture. There are cars parked on each side of the road. A shop on the left, has the word "Geaghan's" over its shop front. There are steps in front of this shop, and a bay window over its main display window. There is a water pump on its left, on the footpath. There is a horse and cart on the street, near this shop. On the right, there is a woman pushing a bicycle. Further down the street, there is scaffolding in front of a building. Near the end of the street, there is a large sign for "Glynn's Hotel". There is a man on the street, in front of this hotel, pushing a bicycle. There are several electricity poles in the picture, and there are street lights attached to some of these poles. In the distance, there is a railway bridge going over the street. At this point, there are trees on each side of the road.