Bishop Street in Tuam
Description:A photograph of Bishop Street in Tuam (a town in Galway county). There are buildings, electricity poles and footpaths on each side of the street. There are street lights attached to some of these poles. There are several cars in the picture, and the registration numbers of two of these cars are 'IM 9049' and 'ZM 85'. There is a shop on the left, and it has the word "Lynch's" over its door. There is a bicyle parked outside this shop. There is a woman walking past, and she is pushing a bicycle. Further on, there is a shop advertising "Players Please" (a brand of cigarette). On the right, there is a shop selling shoes. Below this, there is a building with a sign attached to it, and this sign is displaying the word "Hynes's". It is not possible to read the rest of the message. This street leads into a square where the town hall is located. The town hall has a tower with a clock on each face. In addition, there is a telephone kiosk in the square.