Saint Patrick's National School
Description:A photograph of Saint Patrick's National School in Galway city. The school is on the right. There is a wall topped by railings in front of the building. There are several men and women in the picture, including a woman who is pushing a pram. There is a young girl beside her. There is a dog walking on the footpath. There are several electricity poles in the photograph, including one with a street light attached to it. On the left, there is a building with the name 'Fahy' over its door. A few doors down, there is a building with the words "D. Walsh Hairdresser" over its door. There is a bus stop in front of this building, and there is a queue at this bus stop. The first person in the queue is a woman who is wearing a hat. This street continues over a bridge known as "O'Brien's Bridge". There are ornate street lights on the walls of the bridge. A public house known as the 'Galway Arms' can be seen just over the bridge on the left. There are three cars on the street. The registation numbers of two of these cars are "IM 9352" and "I[D or O] 5713". There are two men cycling on the right. There is a clump of trees on the left of the school. There are a few houses in the scene including one with dormer windows, and one with skylight windows.