Lower Prospect Hill
Description:A photograph of Lower Prospect Hill in Galway city. There are several men in the photograph including a policeman who is standing on the street. Many of the men are wearing hats or caps. There is a man cycling away from the camera. There are a great many cars in the picture, and there is a truck in the foreground. There is a garage selling Mex petrol on the left, and there are two petrol pumps in front of it. Eyre Square is visible in the distance. The trees that are growing in the park, that is in the middle of the square, can be seen on the left. Browne's Doorway is visible among these trees. This is a medieval doorway used as an entrance to the park. At one end of the square, the Imperial Hotel can be seen. A Woolworth's store is on its right. There are several electricity poles in the photograph, and there are street lights attached to some of these poles.