Spanish Arch
Photographer:Welch, Robert John
Description:A photograph of the Spanish Arch in Galway city. The Spanish Arch is the remnant of the medieval city walls and consists of two arches. The photograph is from across the River Corrib. There is a tree just beyond the arch. There is a white building on the left of the arch which has three words on its wall. The first two words are "Spanish Arch". It is not possible to read the third word. There is a pub on the left of this building. It has the word 'Bar' on its wall. Left of this building, there is a pub with what looks like "Greene's Bar" on its front wall and on its gable wall. There is an adult standing beside a bicycle in front of this building. There is a car in front of the arch. On the left of the picture, there is a horse and cart. There are full sacks on the cart, and there is a woman standing next to the horse. There is a horse and wagon near the horse and cart. There is a man standing next to this horse. The wagon has a barrel top and is similar to the type of wagon used by Irish travellers. The River Corrib is in the foreground, and there are seats along its bank. There is a man sitting on two of the seats, and each man is wearing a cap. There is an electricity pole near one of the seats.