Patrick Street in Portumna
Description:A photograph of Patrick Street in Portumna (a town in Galway county). In the photograph, it is raining and the street is wet. A woman on the left is holding an umbrella. There are two men on the street near a shop that has "[unable to read]ossick & Son" displayed on its gable wall. There are two shrubs in two plant containers in front of this wall. There are buildings, electricity poles, young trees, and a footpath on each side of the street. There is a street light attached to one pole, and, on the right, there is a man working near the top of another pole. There are several cars parked in the picture. The first one on the right is a Morris Minor, and its registration number is partially visible. There are two men cycling away from the camera. On the right, another person is pushing a bicycle onto the footpath, and there are two women standing on the same footpath further on.