Brendan Street in Portumna
Description:A photograph of Brendan Street in Portumna (a town in Galway county). There are buildings, electricity poles and footpaths on each side of the street. There are street lights attached to some of the electricity poles. There are several cars in the picture. The registration number of one of these cars is 'ZM 2770'. The first shop on the right has the word "Duffy's" over its shop front. There are boxes on the footpath in front of this shop. Further on, there is a sign displaying the word 'Clonwyn'
Copyright:attached to a building. The building beyond this has a sign displaying the word 'Bar'. The word "Keary's" is on a sign higher up on the same building. The first building on the left, has the name 'Hayes' over its door. There are large boxes with shrubs in front of this building. There are a few trees on each side of the road.