Scenes of Galway
Description:A postcard depicting four scenes of Galway city. The top left picture is of the Salmon Weir Bridge. There are people on the bridge looking into the river. There are shrubs, in the foreground, on the banks of the river. There are trees and buildings beyond the bridge. There is a church with a bell tower, beyond the bridge. The top right picture depicts the Roman Catholic Cathedral and the River Corrib. There are two rowboats on the river with a single person in each boat. There are a number of rowboats docked on the left bank, and there are several trees growing on this bank. There are a few trees on the right of the photograph. The bottom left picture shows Eyre Square. There are many cars parked near the square. There is a double-decker bus travelling on the road around the square. There is an advertisement for "Halpin's Tea" on the side of this bus. There are several pedestrians in the picture, and a few trees. The two cannon that were captured during the Crimean War are also visible. The photograph on the bottom right is of University College Galway, now known as the National University of Ireland, Galway. There are cars and bicycles parked near the College. There are several people in the photograph.