Brendan Street in Portumna
Description:A photograph of Brendan Street in Portumna (a town in Galway county). There are electricity poles and footpaths on each side of the street. There is a long wall on the left, and there are gates in this wall. There is a water pump on the left-hand footpath. There are shops and houses on the right. The first building on the right is a petrol station. It has one petrol pump in front of it, and the name Martin appears above its door. It has a large door on the right, and there is a container for fuel (for a fire) outside this door. There are several bicycles leaning against buildings on the right-hand footpath. There is a woman dressed in white walking towards the camera. There are bicycles parked against the kerb, on her left. There is a Vokswagen Van (a people carrier) parked behind these bicycles. There are trees growing on each side of the street.