Street in Loughrea
Description:A photograph of a street in Loughrea (a small town in Galway county). There are buildings, pavements and electricity poles on each side of the street. There are street lights attached to some of these poles. The registration number of the car nearest the camera is 'ZM 5096'. The registration number of a car on the right is 'LI 3085'. There is a truck on the left. Its registration number is 'ZM 3478'. There are men working near this truck, and there is a shovel leaning against it. There is a man walking past the truck. He is pushing a bicycle, and he is wearing a cap. On his right, there is another man with a bicycle. There is a policeman on the footpath that is on the right of the street. There are several men and women in the picture. On the left, there is a building with the name "O'Raghallaigh" over its door. Right of this, there is a shop advertising Players Please (a brand of cigarette). Further down, there is a gable wall displaying the words, mantles, manufacture, and shoes. The complete sentence is obscured. The first shop on the right is a pharmacy. The words "The Medical Hall" are over its shop front. Below this phrase, the name P. J. Barry can be seen. The name is followed by the letters MPSI. The name 'B. Dervan' is over another shop front. The word "Quinn's" is over a shop front further on, and a sign which reads, "Moylan's Commercial Hotel" is attached to the front of another building.