Street in Loughrea
Description:A photograph of a street in Loughrea (a small town in Galway county). There are buildings, pavements and electricity poles on each side of the street. There are street lights attached to some of the poles. There are several cars in the picture. The registration numbers of three of the cars are, 'ZM 5259'
Copyright:'IY 9256' and 'ZM 4757'. There are men, women and children in the picture. Two boys have bicycles, and there are a few bicycles leaning against buildings on each side of the street. On the left, there is a petrol station. It has two petrol pumps supplying Caltech petrol. The word "Flynn's" is on its wall. Further along the street, the name 'Hall' can be seen on a gable wall. On the right, there is a shop advertising 'Gold Flake' and 'Players Please'. Both are brands of cigarette. There is a horse and cart in the foreground, and there are a few boxes on the cart, including a box of Surf (a brand of detergent). A distance away, there is a truck about to enter the street from a side street.