Scenes of Connemara
Description:A postcard featuring five Connemara scenes. The top left photograph is of a waterfall in Clifden. There is a bridge across the river, and there are electricity poles near this bridge. There is a car travelling along the road, on the left of the river. There are several houses and trees in the picture. The top right photograph is of a road beside Killary Harbour in Leenane. There is a stone wall on the left hand side of the road. There are houses at the edge of the harbour. These houses are at the foot of a hill. Beyond this hill, there is a mountain. There are a few trees in the picture. The bottom left photograph is of Ballynahinch Castle. Ballynahinch Castle is at the foot of Benlettery, a mountain which is part of the mountain range known as the Twelve Pins. The area near the castle is quite wooded. The photograph on the right is of Clifden town. The sea is on the right, and there are many trees in the picture. The roads leading into the town, and the buildings of the town are visible. There are two churches, and each church has a steeple. The Twelve Pins can be seen beyond the town. The photograph in the middle is of Kylemore Abbey. This was once a castle. It is at the edge of Kylemore Lake, and at the base of Doughrough Mountain. The area around it is quite wooded.