Spanish Arch
Description:A photograph of the Spanish Arch in Galway. This is a part of the medieval wall of Galway City. It consists of two arches. There is a wooden door across one arch. There are two men, and a small boy standing a short distance away, standing in front of this door. One of the men is wearing a cap, and the boy is holding a hoop. There is a small girl standing in front of the other arch. It is possible to see a cart through this arch. There are two other carts in the area that is in front of the arches. There is an electricity pole near these carts, and there is a light attached to this pole. On the left, there is a house that adjoins the arch. Above the arch, laundry, that is hanging out to dry, can be seen. The River Corrib is on the right, and there are sailboats docked beside a quay, on this river.