Browne's Doorway in Eyre Square
Description:A photograph of an old doorway, known as Browne's Doorway which serves as an entrance to Eyre Square in Galway. There are railings around the square. There is a plaque on the right of the door. The doorway was originally the entrance to the family home of the Browne family. This house was on Lower Abbeygate Street. The doorway was moved, in 1905, from there to Eyre Square. There is a bay window over the door, and there is a seat on each side of the entrance. There is a woman sitting on the seat on the left. There is a bus stop near this seat. There are two men sitting on the seat on the right. A third man is talking to them while a fourth man is walking past. All four are wearing caps. There is an electricity pole near this seat. There are trees and shrubs growing in the square. The statue of Padraic O'Conaire is just about visible, in the square, and the Railway Hotel can be seen in the background. On the extreme right of the picture, there is a board with white writing. The first word on the board is 'Coras'. Coras is an Irish word meaning company. The next line reads, "Day Tours". The company mentioned in the first line may be Coras Iompar Eireann which means Transportation Company of Ireland. This was a state owned company with responsibility for public transport.