Man standing near Tullokyne Castle
Collection:Father Browne
Description:A photograph of an elderly man standing near the ruin of Tullokyne Castle in Galway county. Only the west wall remains of the castle. It was built before 1586 when it was held by Murtagh O'Connor. The castle is said to have been built by two sisters, who, in old age, being unable to travel, built their castles close together so that they could harangue each other from their own windows. The other castle was blown down during the great storm of January 1839. To this day, Tullokyne Castle is also known as ‘The Hag’s Castle’. In the photograph, the castle is in the background, and very little of it is in the picture. The man is in the foreground, and is wearing a cap. There is a low, stone wall between him and the castle. The picture was taken in 1942.