Scenes of Galway
Description:A postcard featuring five scenes of Galway. The top left photograph features the Salmon Weir Bridge. There are people walking on the bridge, and there are trees near the bridge. There is a church with a bell tower near the bridge. The top right photograph is of the Spanish Arch. The Spanish Arch is part of the medieval town wall which surrounded Galway. There is a house beside the arch, and a tree behind it. There is a wagon of the sort that used to be used by the travelling community. There are a few horses near this wagon. There are two electricity poles near the arch. The bottom left photograph is of Salthill. The sea can be seen in the distance. There are shrubs, a road, and a walkway in the foreground. The bottom right photograph is of the beach at Salthill. There are a few people on the beach. The middle picture is of the Salmon Fisheries. There is a walkway over a waterfall. The stone columns which formed part of the Railway Viaduct are visible in the water. There are trees on the left.