Market Square in Tuam
Description:A photograph of Tuam Market Square in Galway. There is a stone celtic cross in the square that is surrounded by railings. There are three women sitting with their backs to the railings. These women are wearing shawls. There are three children on the right of the cross. One girl is wearing a hat. There is a small shed or hut in the square. Also, there are carts in the picture, and there is a donkey eating from a bag near one cart. There are two men in conversation on the right of the picture. One man is wearing a cap and has a beard. There are two children walking up the street just beyond the men. Behind the celtic cross, there is a shop with the name "James J. Begley" over its door. There are brooms for sale which are hanging near the door. There is a boy standing close to the door. He is wearing a cap. On the right of this shop, there is a second shop with the words "M. Nolan Draper" over its door. There are rustic street lights in the photograph.