Athenry Gate
Description:A photograph of a stone arch or gate which formed part of the wall surrounding the town of Athenry. Athenry is in Galway county. There is a man walking towards the arch. He is wearing a hat. There is a woman walking towards the arch from the other side. She is wearing a shawl. There are two men standing on the footpath on the left. One is wearing a hat and the other is wearing a cap. They are standing in front of a car. There are bicycles leaning against the walls of the buildings on the left. There are boxes on the pavement nearby. There is a sign over one shop which reads "Get Your Player's Please Here". "Player's Please" was a brand of cigarette. There is a sign which reads 'Teas' over another door on the same side of the street. There is a truck on the right. The photograph was taken in 1951.