Hotel in Letterfrack
Description:A photograph of a hotel in Letterfrack in county Galway. It is a large two storey building with the words "Casson's Hotel Letterfrack" written on its side. On its right, there is a building with the word "Stables" written on its side. In front of the stables, there are three men who look like policemen or members of the Royal Irish Constabulary. They are in the company of a man who is wearing a hat. Further left, there is a man holding a horse that is hitched to a coach. He is wearing a hat and is standing beside a woman. There are five other men outside the hotel at different points. All are wearing hats. On the left of the photograph, there are steps leading up to a door. There is a notice pinned to the door. The second line of the notice reads "A Proclamation". Left of the steps, there is a small gate. Near the steps, there is a trap which is not hitched to a horse. Right of this, there is a horse and trap. A trap is a type of carriage. Nearby, there are wooden barrels or casks lying on the ground next to a gable wall.
Copyright:This image is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland