Leisureland Centre in Salthill
Collection:Bord Failte
Description:A photograph of a leisure complex in Salthill known as Leisureland. Salthill is in Galway city. There are steps leading up to the front door of the building, and there are outdoor lights in the grounds. There are two signs on the building. One reads, 'Leisureland'
Copyright:and the other reads, 'Dancing'. There are houses beyond the complex, and there are two loudspeakers on a scaffold, near these houses. There is a crazy golf course on the left of the complex building, and there is a road in front of the entire complex. There is a low stone wall on each side of this road. There is a park on this side of the road, and there are flower beds and walkways in this park. There are two men standing near a wheelbarrow in this park. One man is wearing a cap. There is a dog lying on the ground nearby. There is a fork or spade stuck in the ground near the wheelbarrow. In the foreground, there is a sign which reads, 'Garda siochána'. This is an Irish phrase which means, 'guardians of the peace'