Postcard of Galway
Description:A postcard featuring five scenes from Galway. The scene in the middle depicts Galway City with Galway Bay in the background. The steeple of a church can be seen. The scene at the top left of the card is a photograph of the ruin of Menlough Castle. It is on the banks of a river. There are cattle grazing in the grounds of the castle. Also, there are trees growing in the grounds. Top right is a photograph of University College Galway. This college is now known as National University of Ireland, Galway. Bottom right is a photograph of the Salmon Fisheries on the River Corrib. There is a boat on the river. There is a footbridge on the left, and the pillars of the viaduct can be seen. Bottom left is a photograph of the Salmon Weir Bridge. There are people standing on the bridge looking into the water. Many of the men are wearing hats or caps. There are street lights on the bridge, and there is an electricity pole near the bridge. Close to the bridge, there is a church with a bell tower. There are trees near this church.