Photographer:Zoller, Peter
Description:A photograph of four Connemara scenes. Connemara is a part of Galway county which lies between Lough Corrib and the Atlantic. The top left photograph is of three, unoccupied rowboats on a calm sea. There are cottages on the left, and a mountain range known as the Twelve Pins can be seen in the distance. The top right photograph is of Clifden town. There are two roads leading into the town where they merge into one road. The buildings of the town are visible. There is a church and steeple on the left. There are trees in the picture. Beyond the town, there are hills, and beyond the hills, the Twelve Pins are visible. The bottom left photograph is of a thatched cottage. There is a stone wall in front of the cottage, and there are bushes near the cottage. One of these bushes has red flowers. There are fields separated by stone walls in the background. The bottom right photograph is of mountains and a lake. There is wooded island on the lake.