Roman Catholic church in Ballinasloe
Description:A photograph of Saint Michael's Church, the Roman Catholic church in Ballinasloe. Ballinasloe is in east Galway. The church has a very tall steeple. There are several trees in the grounds of the church. In front of the church, there is a low wall topped by railings. There is a gate which is open, and there are lamps on each pillar of the gate. There is a wide street in front of the church, and there are trees on each side of this street. There is a car parked on the left. Its registration number is 'LI 4159'. There is a ladder leaning against the wall of one house, and there is a man standing on the road looking at the wall of this house. There is a second man standing on the footpath, near the ladder. He is wearing a cap. There is a group of small boys on the same footpath. Also on the left, there are two bicycles leaning against the walls of buildings. There is a shop on the right, and the name over its door looks like 'T. Keogh'. There are electricity poles on the left of this shop.