Padraic O'Conaire and Eyre Square
Description:A photograph of the statue of Padraic O'Conaire in Eyre Square in Galway. Padraic is a well known author in the Irish language. He lived from 1882 to 1928. He is best known for his short stories. Padraic is sitting on a rock and he is wearing a hat. Eyre square is also depicted. There are trees, flowers, and several people in the square. There is a walkway through the square. There is a fountain with a sculpture of a Galway Hooker as its centrepiece. A Galway Hooker is a type of sailboat. There are buses and cars on the street at the edge of the square. The store "Dunne' Stores" and the takeaway "Supermacs" are visible. Galway Cathedral and its dome can be seen beyond the square. There is a streetlight on the left of the picture.