Saint Jarlath's Roman Catholic cathedral in Tuam
Description:A photograph of Saint Jarlath's Roman Catholic cathedral in Tuam (a town in Galway county). The building has a high bell tower, and there is a statue on each side of its doorway. There is a bicycle parked on each side of the doorway, and there is a woman on the right of the door. There are two other statues in the grounds. The statue on the left is surrounded by railings, while the statue on the right is surrounded by a chain cordon. On the right, there is a seat at the foot of a tree. Further right, there is a street light beyond the rightmost statue. Nearer the camera, there are two cars parked beside a wall. The registration numbers of the cars are 'ZM 3457' and 'ZM 57'. There are trees growing behind this wall and behind the church.