Saint Brendan's Cathedral in Loughrea
Description:A photograph of Saint Brendan's Cathedral in Loughrea. Loughrea is in Galway county and it is the cathedral town of Ireland's smallest diocese, Clonfert. The building was designed by William Byrne in 1897, and it was completed five years later. It has a tall steeple and an arched main entrance. There are trees and shrubs in the grounds of the cathedral. There is a low wall topped by railings in front of the building, and there are bicycles leaning against these railings. There is a road in front of the cathedral, and there is a woman cycling past. There are two men, in conversation, on the opposite side of the road, at a street corner. Both are wearing hats. At this corner, there is an electricity pole with a street light attached. There is a smashed cart near the men, and part of a second cart is visible, next to the wreckage.