Carrying a currach
Photographer:Welch, Robert John
Description:A photograph of a beach on one of the Aran Islands. In the foreground, there are three men carrying an overturned currach. A currach is a rowboat used off the west coast of Ireland, and the Aran Islands are off the west coast of Ireland. One of these three men is wearing a hat. The heads of the other two men are inside the boat. In the background, there are men also lifting an upturned currach. There are a group of men squatting nearby. There are three other currachs on the beach, and there are several oars lying on the sand. There is a man standing near one of these currachs which is overturned. He is wearing a hat. There are two walls beyond the beach, and there is a rocky field between these walls. There are two men standing in this field, and both are wearing hats.