Market day in Clifden
Description:A photograph of a market day in Clifden. The shop on the right has the name "E. Coen" over its door. Below this, there is a shop with the name "John J. Darcy" over its door. This shop is advertising "Cadbury's Cocoa" on its window. The name over the door, on the shop below this, is "William Corham". There is a sweeping brush, turned upside down, and leaning against the outside wall of this shop. The brush is for sale. The words "Draper & Spirit Merchant" appear over the door of the next shop. The name is obscured. The words "C. King Grocer" appears on the next shop which is at the end of the street. The street perpendicular to this street has "Mullarkey's Hotel" at its corner. There are many men and women in the photograph. Some of the women are wearing shawls. There are some carts in the photograph.
Copyright:This image is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland