Mountbellew Village
Description:A photograph of a square in the Galway town of Mountbellew. There are several cars (including a Morris Minor) and two trucks in the square. On the left of the picture, the name Doyle can be seen over a shop front. There is an arch or bow on the right of this. The first truck is near this arch. The words "Lakeville Cream Ices" is written on its side. The name Kenny appears over the next shop front. The place name Birr is written on the side of the second truck. There are wooden barrels on the street near it. Behind it, there is a public house with the words 'Central Bar' over its door. The sentence, 'Stop here for best drinks' is written on a wall above the building's second door. On the right of the picture, there is a street, and there is a pharmacy on this street, near the camera. Beyond the pharmacy, there is a garage advertising Shell and BP (two brands of petrol). There are petrol pumps in front of this garage. Further on, there is a sign for Esso, yet another brand of petrol. On the left of the street, there is a solitary petrol pump. Also on the left, there is a donkey and cart. In the picture, there are a few bicycles leaning against buildings. There are several electricity poles and trees in the photograph.