Eyre Square in Galway
Description:A photograph of Eyre Square in Galway. There are several cars in the square, and there is a motorcycle parked between two cars. Its registration number is 'ZM 2742'. There is a large number of men in the picture, including a policeman. Some of the men are wearing caps, and a few are wearing hats. The park in the middle of the square is surrounded by railings, and there are trees and shrubs growing in the park. There is an electricity pole, and a street sign just outside the park at one corner. On the left, the name 'Thomas Walsh' appears over one shop front. The phrase 'Select Bar' is at either side of this name. The word "Egan's" appears over the door of the next shop. Further down the street, there is a large sign for BP petrol. There is a petrol pump near this sign.