Eyre Square in Galway city
Description:A photograph of Eyre Square in Galway city. There are several cars and trucks parked on the street. There are men, women and children in the picture. On the left footpath, there is a woman with a pram. There are a few bicycles in the photograph, and there is a garage on the left which sells Caltex petrol. There is a petrol pump in front of it. Next door, there is a public house with the phrase "Gilmore's Select Bar" over its door. Right of this, the name "J. J. O'Sullivan" is over a shop front. The shop has a large door with a sign that reads "No Parking". The phrase "American Hotel" appears on the wall high above its shop front. The word "Lydon's" appears over the shop front next to it. On the right of the picture, there are railings which surround the park that is in the middle of the square. There is a street sign and a traffic sign near these railings. There is a dog near the street sign. Further up the street, there is a garage which sells Mex petrol. There are electricity poles on the street.