Photographer:Welch, Robert John
Description:A photograph of Clifden town in Galway county. Many of the houses of the town are visible. The sea is on the right, and there is a motor boat on land near the sea. There is a large buidling near the sea, in the foreground. It looks like a granary. There are three roads in the picture. One of these roads is near the sea and ends in a square in the middle of the town. There is a small hut in the centre of this square. There are small fields between this road and the sea. There are sheep grazing in some of these fields. There is a large two storey house on the left of the picture, and there is a large reek of hay near it. There is a church and steeple on the left. There is a very large building beyond the town, and there are mountains on all sides of the town. Some of the land has been ploughed, and there are several stone walls in the photograph. There are a few trees in the picture.