Thatched houses in Oranmore
Description:A photograph of four thatched houses in Oranmore. Oranmore is in Galway county. There is a conservatory outside the house on the top left of the postcard. There are trees and shrubs growing near it. The top right house is a cottage. There are shrubs growing near it. The house on the lower left portion of the postcard is also a cottage. Much of it is covered in ivy. There is a flower pot near it, and there are flowers growing in a black cauldron in front of the house. There is a hedge and a gate near the house. The building on the lower right portion of the card is a thatched pub. The name "McDonaghs" appears on a sign above the door. There is a hanging basket on each side of this sign. There are seats outside the pub, and there are flowers being grown in wooden barrels and in half-barrels outside the pub. One barrel is being used as a table. There are a few rubbish bins in the picture, and there is a tree in the background. The caption at the back of the postcard tells us that the pub is over two-hundred and fifty years old.