Boy and girl in front of a house
Description:A photograph of a boy and girl in front of the outside, stone staircase of a house. They are standing on a walkway. There are a number of green areas with shrubs, encircled by a walkway, in this garden. There are a few young trees in the garden. On the left, there is a low wall, and there is a tall trellis. The boy is wearing a sailor's suit and a sailor's hat. He is holding a toy sailboat in both hands, and there is a second sailboat on the ground beside him. The girl is also wearing a hat. There is a balustrade on one side of the staircase, and the wall of the house is on the other side. There are stone plant containers on the walls of the balustrade. The stairs opens into a courtyard, and there are two men standing in this courtyard. Both are wearing hats, and one has a beard. There are shrubs growing beyond the courtyard.