Market Square in Tuam
Description:A photograph of Market Square in Tuam, county Galway. There is a celtic cross in the middle of the square and it is surrounded by railings. There is a small hut near it which may be a public toilet. There are wooden pallets leaning against this hut and there is a sign leaning against it. The sign is an advertisement. It reads "Sensational Return". The next line is too small to read. The following line reads "Vivograph". The next line is too small to read. It follows this with "Boer & China Wars Guns and Troops in Actual Action". The next news item being advertised is "H. M. Queen Victoria in Ireland". The last news item is "Paris Exhibition of 1900". Near the bottom of the poster it reads "Dr. & Mille S. Ormonde Ormonde Family". Near this, there is a cart which is not hitched to a horse. Also, there is a building with a street clock. There are two men standing on the street. Both are wearing hats. Around the corner of the building with the clock, there is a shop with the name "Waldron" over its door. It is not possible to read the initial of this name. There is a bucket for sale hanging in front of this shop's window. Over the shop next to this, the words "J. W. Cunningham Woolen Draper". The remainder is not in the photograph. Across the street, there is a shop with "M. Fah" over its door. Again, the remainder is not in the photograph. On the left of the photograph, there are two carts of turf. Each cart is hitched to a horse. They are outside a building with a fanlight window.
Copyright:This image is reproduced courtesy of the National Library of Ireland