Tuam Cross
Description:A photograph of a large monument at a cross roads in the middle of Tuam town in Galway county. There are patterns engraved on the side of the monument and there is a figure engraved on the top of it. There are railings around the base of the monument and there is a bicycle inside these railings. A man wearing a hat is walking near these railings. The name 'Fahy' appears over the door of a shop on the right and there is a bicycle leaning against the wall of this shop. Further down the street, a sign with the message "Players' Please" appears over a shop. "Players" was a brand of cigarette. On the opposite side of the street the word 'Bar' appears over a shop. On the left, there is a tall building with a clock. The name 'Faller' appears on the face of the clock. Half way up this building, there is a religious statue. There is a large, metal electricity pole in front of this building and there are a number of wooden electricity poles in the picture. There is a man cycling a bicycle away from the camera. There is a number of cars in the picture. Also, there is a number of people in the photograph.