Scenes of Connemara
Description:A postcard featuring three scenes from Connemara in Galway. The top photograph shows the Connemara landscape. There is a mound of turf in the foreground. Beyond the turf, there is a lake and a river. A mountain range known as the Twelve Pins dominates the sky line. The bottom left photograph is of a fisherman mending nets beside a currach. A currach is a type of rowboat used off the west coast of Ireland. The man is wearing a traditional, knitted Aran sweater and knitted hat. There are three men carrying an upturned currach, in the background. In the distance, the sea can be seen. The bottom right photograph is of Clifden town. There are two roads leading into the town. The houses of the town can be seen. There are two churches on the left, and each church has a steeple. There are trees in the picture, and there are rocky hills close to the town. The sea is on the right, and a mountain range known as the Twelve Pins can be seen in the distance.